Sylvaine Mouginot

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GreenPiwi's Gardens are my primary gardens near Cluny,France.



 Spring 2017

May 2nd - June 11th
Le Pain sur La Table ,Cluny

 Summer 2017

              July 28th - August 6th                Village Hall - 71460 Bonnay








What they say about ...

No image is perfect but they carry our love & appreciation in them . That is very strong in your pictures. I like them a lot.
— Till C. Jelitto
Your pictures honour the small and beautiful details of plants & trees and their magical stillness. When I look at them the beauty and perfection of nature radiates out. It’s a miracle captured in those images, yet at the same time it is so utterly clear that everything is exactly as it should be
— Alma Scholten
Your photography is breathtakingly beautiful and your gardens remind me of the ones at Vipassana retreat outside of Boston I attended for 10 days a few years ago.
— Anita Morrow



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