Sylvaine Mouginot

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GreenPiwi's Gardens are my primary gardens near Cluny,France.



Spring 2019

              May 3rd - 31th 2019        

    Médiathèque L”Epicerie des Mots

2 Rue de La Rièpe

71390 Messey sur Grosne



Autumn 2018

             Oct. 22th -December 22th

  Bibliothèque Intercommunale Place de la Salle de Fêtes


     Summer 2018

July 1th- July 31th

              Maison des Patrimoines                                      71520 Matour

                         Spring 2018

              May 5th - June 10th 2018          

              Outdoor Spring 2018             Maison Fichet   

            6 Rue de La Croix Pommier                                      71460 Bonnay


 Summer 2017

              July 28th - August 6th                Village Hall - 71460 Bonnay 

 Spring 2017

May 2nd - June 11th
Le Pain sur La Table ,Cluny







What they say about ...

Most beautiful ...thank you again and again for sharing your heart touching portraits. Your inspired gift of capturing the Infinite Intelligence expressed in Flowers always fills me with awe and love... can’t wait to see what’s next.
— Sky Wallace
No image is perfect but they carry our love & appreciation in them . That is very strong in your pictures. I like them a lot.
— Till C. Jelitto
Your pictures honour the small and beautiful details of plants & trees and their magical stillness. When I look at them the beauty and perfection of nature radiates out. It’s a miracle captured in those images, yet at the same time it is so utterly clear that everything is exactly as it should be
— Alma Scholten
Your photography is breathtakingly beautiful and your gardens remind me of the ones at Vipassana retreat outside of Boston I attended for 10 days a few years ago.
— Anita Morrow



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