Sylvaine Mouginot
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About the gardener

About the gardener

Well...I'm not regarding myself as a photographer.

I created all my gardens from scratch (almost).

They are not that big, not that special…

A few years ago, I took the -wise -advice from a great gardener & landscape specialist, he told me : instead of attending a school, I should go in the gardens, contemplate them, and contemplate nature. By doing this repeatedly, I would learn everything I need to.
So, I did. And I have learned so much...and I'm still learning.

In the bathroom …! March 17th 2019

In the bathroom …! March 17th 2019

After working in them,I like to go back in my gardens.

Simply look at them, silently with some cats around ...or not.Yes, contemplation is so powerful,requesting to be present.

I've been taking some courses and trainings to learn the art of photography. 

I'm only shooting in manual mode, never using programs.

"Raw" photos.No Photoshop,no Lightroom.

My numeric tools & companions:

- a really smart smartphone

- a Samsung NX30 hybrid camera with NX 18 - 55 mm III f/3,5-5,6 OIS zoom lens & NX 60 mm F2.8 i-Macro lens.

I'm so grateful to some wonderful friends who encouraged me to show & present these garden(ing) experiences.